Short Sales…the beginning!

Short sales are not for the faint of heart.  But if you have a servant’s heart and truly want to help people as a real estate agent, this is your niche. 

I started my training on short sales in the beginning of 2009 and spend pretty much all of my education budget and time learning about short sales.  As a real estate professional, I wanted to find a way to help our community while we are all going through this economic tough time.  A group of us starting brainstorming in the latter part of 2008 and starting researching short sales.  This group started out as 6.  There are 2 of us left.  As I stated, short sales are not for all real estate agents.  It takes a certain skill set, a lot of patience, and tenaciousness. 

 Since that brainstorming time of 2008, Karen Stephens and I formed the Memphis Short Sale Team (   We realized quickly this type of transaction takes more than just one agent to keep everything on track.  Karen handles the marketing of the home and I handle the paperwork and negotiating with the banks.  And some days it’s not fun to be me.   I know from the beginning that my goal of getting my client’s home sold and out from a mortgage they can’t afford to make is adversarial to the bank’s representative I have to deal with.  But I do like to win, so NO is not an option in my world. 

In our town, the Memphis and midsouth area, the latest mortgage crisis is not a class thing, it’s a job thing for so many.  And until jobs become more abundant there will be more homeowners who are being crushed underneath the weight of their mortgage.  And that is where we can help. Don’t just walk away from your mortgage….let us try to sale your home and give you a dignified exit.

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