How to get top dollar when selling your Germantown home

Suzanne White, Keller Williams Realty 901-730-6314, offers tips to sell your Germantown home for top dollar.
When selling a home in Germantown, one of the most stressful steps of selling a home is the buyer’s home inspection.  The buyer has a right to have a home inspection before buying a home and if the seller isn’t prepared, this can kill the transaction.

A home inspection in TN is performed by a licensed home inspector or can be done by a contractor or anyone who is licensed in the area they are inspecting. Once the results of the buyer’s home inspection for buying a home in Germantown is delivered to the buyer, he or she can either terminate the contract based upon the inspection findings or request repairs be made by the seller.  This is where the stress can build for a home seller.

When you are preparing to sell your Germantown home, I always suggest to my clients to have an inspection done on the home BEFORE placing it on the market.  If there are repairs that need done, you as the homeowner need to know about it now and have the repairs completed in order to receive top dollar when selling your Germantown home.  (And who doesn’t want to receive to dollar?). Some of the usual items that show up consistently on home inspections are rotting wood, dirty condensers and furnaces, and leaking water heaters. Having these items repaired BEFORE placing a home for sale will give a buyer more confidence to purchase a pre inspected home than not.

For the Germantown homeowner, having the repairs completed before placing the home on the market lessens the stress as you are not under a time frame as you will be once under contract and sometimes will even allow you to make the repairs yourself if qualified.  Once under contract to purchase your Germantown home and the deficiencies are discovered by the buyer, he/she may want them repaired by a licensed professional which will cost more money.

When you get ready to sell your Germantown home, make sure you hire a Germantown real estate professional to guide you through the process from pricing to closing.  Having your home marketed as a pre inspected home will increase your chances of a quick sale at top dollar.

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