How difficult do you make it for a buyer to view your home?

Ready, Set, SOLD!  If only it were that easy.  When selling your home in today’s market, or actually in any type of market, it takes more than a sign in a yard or some internet advertising.

Most buyers will need to view a home before they decide to buy it.  Sounds like common sense right?  But I am always amazed when a homeowner or a fellow real estate agent does not make it easy for me to bring my buyer to view a home.

For Sale By Owners make it the most difficult but how about when a home is listed for sale with a real estate agent.  I bet this question is never asked by the owner:  “How easy do you make it for other agents to bring his or her buyers to view my home?”  A standard service that should be provided by real estate agents is a showing service.  This is a dedicated service provided to do nothing except schedule showing appointments.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to call the real estate agent to set up an appointment to view a home.  If the agent is a successful agent, he or she is busy servicing the clients and trying to find buyers for the properties for sale, not returning phone calls to other agents trying to set up appointments. As a buyer’s agent I want to get my appointment confirmed or denied within a reasonable amount of time.

This is good business for buyers and sellers.