Why do you need an agent to help you buy a home?

As recently as 1985, the shift began from all agents representing the seller to agents representing buyers.  That realignment of roles gave buyers representation, which they lacked before. Now, most buyers in a real estate transaction have an agent who represents them, and the listing broker represents the seller, and that’s a much healthier marketplace. But accomplishing the change wasn’t like flipping a switch. It took place over many years, about 10 years.

The knowledge and help of a REALTOR® can make all the difference! You should also understand what’s involved in having a REALTOR® represent you as your own agent. It’s your choice. In Tennessee, a REALTOR® does not become your representative or agent until you have signed a Buyer Representation Agreement with that REALTOR® – an actual contract for representation – spelling out how you will work together. In the course of a transaction, you may sign other forms such as an agency disclosure or a confirmation of agency
status. However, until you have signed a Buyer Representation Agreement, you don’t have an agent.  You are going it alone, without anyone representing your best interest.  Once you have signed a Buyer Representation Agreement, this contract obligates your agent to be your loyal advocate and to promote your best interests above all others in the negotiation and closing of a successful purchase.

When it’s time for you to buy a home, make sure you know who is representing your best interests and get that representation contract signed. Start your home search here.