Most Important factors in deciding where to live

The October 2013 Consumer Preference Survey told a story of what is important to folks when deciding where to live.

  • A majority of respondents prefer houses with small yards and easy walks to schools, stores and restaurants over houses with large yards where you have to drive to get to schools, stores and restaurants (55 percent to 40 percent).
  • An even larger majority prefers houses with smaller yards but a shorter commute to work over houses with larger yards but a longer commute to work (57 percent to 36 percent).
  • However, when given a choice between a detached, single-family house that requires driving to shops and a longer commute to work and an apartment or condominium with an easy walk to shops and a shorter commute to work, a strong majority prefer the single-family home even with the longer commute (57 percent to 39 percent).

When deciding the most important factor,  privacy from neighbors topped the list followed closely by sidewalks and places to take walks. MostImportantindecidingwheretolive

Thanks to T.J. Doyle for summarizing the report so nicely. 

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