Experience counts in short sales, and a little insanity!

There are more and more properties listed as short sale attempts that never sale.  Now I understand that there is a shortage of qualified buyers to make a dent in the housing inventory but I am not talking about that reason. The reason that gets me on my soap box is the reason of lack of knowledge.  Not every real estate agent is qualifed to help a homeowner through a short sale.  Selling a traditional listing is a piece of cake compared to navigating the short sale world.  Yet so many agents list a property as a short sale and then don’t think there is anything to do until an offer is received.  That is doing a complete disservice to the homeowner.  Many times I call a listing agent on a short sale to inquire if the homeowner qualifed for HAFA. When I get the response of “what is that” I know this is an agent who should have referred this listing to a qualified, experienced real estate agent who specializes in short sales.

If you know someone who is falling behind on the mortage, send them a lifeline and direct them to www.MemphisShortSaleTeam.com .