Don’t just walk away from your mortgage.

With more homeowners facing difficulties in keeping with the mortgage payment and loan modifiications not working out for many homeowners, a short sale should be the next best option. Yet so many homeowners still are not familiar with a  short sale. The challenge in Memphis is getting the word out that homeowners do have options.

One option is applying for a HAFA short sale – Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative.   All of our potential short sale clients apply for a HAFA short sale.  This creates a lot more work for us as real estate agents but it is in the best interest of our clients. I have noticed very few agents take this extra step for their clients.  These are the reasons why every homeowner should apply for a HAFA short sale if trying the short sale route:

Earn up to $3000 for relocation expenses

Freeze on foreclosure for 120 days

Release from deficiency

End your mortgage committment on your terms.

A HAFA short sale can be just what you need.